Horace Logan White Net Worth

Horace Logan White, though not a modern-day celebrity himself, is connected to fame through his daughter, Betty Marion White, a beloved American actress and comedian. In this article, we’ll explore some key aspects of Horace Logan White’s life, including his early life, family, education, career, and the reason for his popularity.

Early Life and Family:

Horace Logan White was born to Christian Hans Rasmussen and Etta K R White. He married Christian Tess White on February 17, 1921, and the couple shared a strong bond until Horace’s passing on November 16, 1963, in Los Angeles. Horace and Christian had one child together, a daughter named Betty Marion White.


Although Horace Logan White’s early life is known, details about his education, including high school and college, are not available in public records.


Horace Logan White’s career is centered around his role as a purchasing agent. He also served as a sales representative at the Crouse-Hinds company, where he gained knowledge about traffic signals and related products. Notably, he was a World War I veteran, contributing to his life’s experiences.

Horace Logan White Net Worth:

Information about Horace Logan White’s net worth is not available, as he is no longer alive. Generally, details about net worth and income of deceased individuals are not accessible.

Popularity and Connection to Betty Marion White:

Horace Logan White’s popularity is largely due to his daughter, Betty Marion White, who went on to become a highly renowned American actress and comedian. Betty Marion White, often referred to as Betty White, has amassed a massive fan base throughout her career. Her fame and accomplishments naturally piqued interest in her family, including her father.

In conclusion, while Horace Logan White himself might not have been a modern celebrity, he is notable for being the father of Betty Marion White. His life and contributions, including his career and role in World War I, have added depth to the legacy of the White family. Betty White’s immense popularity has brought attention to her family background, making Horace Logan White a subject of interest to her fans and the general public.

Horace Logan White Net Worth
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