Guadalupe Infante Torrentera

Guadalupe Infante Torrentera is a vocalist from the United States who specializes in norteño, ranchera, and mariachi music. Here’s a summary of her background and career:


Guadalupe Infante Torrentera is the daughter of Marisol Esparza and Pedro Torrentera. She grew up in a low-income family in California. Despite her modest upbringing, Guadalupe had a strong passion for traditional Mexican music, which was instilled in her by her grandfather and father.

Career Highlights:

Guadalupe Infante gained attention as a contestant on the singing competition show “La Voz” in 2017. She later performed at the Mariachi USA Festival in June 2018. Her musical talents caught the attention of Peermusic, and she collaborated with them after releasing a cover of the song “Flor Sin Retoo.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Guadalupe Infante recorded music videos in her garden to continue sharing her music with her fans. Through her songs, she advocates for female empowerment and uses her platform to promote important messages.

Her debut album titled “La Serenata” was released in 2019, and it garnered significant recognition. The album was even nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Music Album. Additionally, her song “Dejaré” was a finalist for a Latin Grammy Award.

Pedro Infante – Her Father:

Guadalupe Infante’s father, Pedro Infante, holds an iconic status in Mexico. Born on November 18, 1917, in Sinaloa, Pedro Infante was a renowned Mexican singer and actor. He rose to fame during the golden era of Mexican cinema and became a beloved figure throughout Latin America.

Pedro’s musical talents were evident from a young age, and he formed his own band, “La Rabia,” as a teenager. Throughout his career, he appeared in numerous films and recorded over 300 songs. Some of his most notable movies include “Los tres Garca,” “Pepe el Toro,” and “Los tres huastecos.”

Pedro Infante’s personal life was also a significant part of his legacy. He had three children, including Guadalupe Torrentera, with his second wife, Lupita Bablot. Tragically, he passed away on April 15, 1957, when his plane crashed due to an engine failure while he was traveling to Mexico City.

In conclusion, Guadalupe Infante Torrentera has carried on the musical legacy of her family, and her father Pedro Infante remains an iconic figure in Mexican entertainment history.

Guadalupe Infante Torrentera
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