When I opened an account on this network in 2010, I had no idea what the advantages and disadvantages were. In general, at the very beginning, I wasn’t even very active… somehow everything seemed confusing, different… today I just realized that in fact at that time I compared twitter to Facebook and it’s no wonder that at first everything seemed to me to be Bogs. to us! Like I believe many others, I used Twitter myself via the web, and I didn’t even try to catch all the threads.

After a couple of months of absence from twitter, @CopePiterPetros, my colleague from Infostud, PR, a great guy, entered the story. A story started about some Twitter users, how they do this, how they do that… and I was intrigued by it… along the lines of: Is there a world outside of Facebook? (to be clear, of course there is, of course there are other networks at that time, but I’m talking about the most popular ones).

What turned me off twitter the most was the very slow development of the situation and events online, because I’m quick-witted by nature, I like fast things, interactive, constant attention… and the web edition of twitter didn’t give me that. I also exchanged opinions on Facebook, chatted a bit, gossiped about other people’s pictures, read interesting posts… And then @CopePiterPetros discovered tweetdeck and I found my drug! I don’t know if I should thank him or not? 😉 At first glance, it was something like an alien to me, a lot of columns, interactions, some kind of strange sounds… oh chaos. I thought: Marko, you will never overcome this! With a little consultation, I started to be more active on Twitter, but exclusively on tweetdeck (for those who have not yet discovered its charms, try…

And then my greater interest began… what is a hashtag, what is an RT, what is a fave, what is a Quote RT, etc… To my surprise, and to the surprise of @copepiterpetros, I got into the stunt very quickly (when I say surprise, I don’t mean that did he think I was dumb, but that from the moment of interest I quickly came to the standard use of tweetdeck). At that moment, twitter opened a totally new and different world for me, strange at the beginning, I loved it at the end. I followed some people, whom I responsibly claim are great personalities, real experts, very witty and above all smart, and whom I would have almost never met in my life if it weren’t for twitter.

Now, at that time it didn’t matter to me who had how many followers, what that meant, where it was scored, etc. In general, I told my own story, wrote whatever came to my mind, on all topics. A little shy, but I guess that’s how everyone is in the beginning. With about 200 followers, I followed @snezaFL Snežana Luković (ex skljuc). So many smart tweets, sharp, realistic, those that hit the center of the problem, I was delighted. I got into a conversation with Snežana, totally spontaneously… Believe it or not, @snezaFL is the first person I met live, after just a few weeks of talking to her. For me, who then had as many followers as he did, and for her, who at that time had close to 2k followers, it did not represent any barrier. I admit, I didn’t even have a sense at the time of what the number of followers brings and what it takes away from a tweeter. I invited Snežana to coffee, extremely civilly, and to my satisfaction she agreed. It was my first 1:1 #tweetup. I decided, like a true gentleman, to bring Snow White something sweet and the choice fell on chocolate. It was the right move. What is important to point out is that Snežana had absolutely no prejudices regarding a new tweeter like me, but accepted me as an ok guy, which meant a lot to me. And talk to her? A real experience… (me happy). And that’s how I broke the ice… the famous blue stiletto is right in front of me and we’re chatting.

Not long after, some other people heard about our sighting and their first reactions were: WOW, where did you come from with her? To be honest, I didn’t understand the question very well then, but I do now. The question arose from measuring the strength through the number of followers, so it remained unclear how someone with a small number can win the attention of someone with a large number? That means absolutely nothing to me even today, because someone who has 500 followers may have 2k in the future… all in due time. 🙂 After all, Snow White is a real example… look up to her! 🙂

The world of Twitter is a separate story in itself, and totally diametrically different from Facebook. I believe that all of you who are reading this and are Twitter users understand me, and all of you who are Facebook users are wondering: What is so different? I don’t know how to explain it to you, but the difference is drastic. On Twitter, news spreads at an incredible speed, which fascinates me. On TL (time line) there is a lot of various useful information, instructive, a lot of witty tweets, smart people, haters. What, at least in my opinion, is common to almost all Twitter users is that they are all very bright people, without prejudices, with a sharp tongue. I noticed this because I had twitter and facebook connected for a while. What a mistake young Mark made at that time. It literally crystallized that what the tweet-non-people on Facebook don’t understand, they don’t understand what I’m writing, and it even went as far as how I express myself. A total mess. Of course I separated the two networks. On Twitter, you can write literally anything that’s on your mind, and there will always be someone who will understand what you said. And that’s exactly what it means. Confession room, what else.

Among the multitude of different people, there are also those who grow close to your heart. First electronically and not long after live. And it all started with a #tweetup. For those who don’t know what that means, and I know there are and haven’t been to one yet, it’s a Twitter gathering. Yes yes… you go to meet and socialize with the people you spend minutes, hours, days tweeting with. All those faces, all those avatars that you know visually, suddenly take on another dimension. Those people really exist! What a shock! The most interesting thing is that Twitterers don’t just use their own picture for their avatar, many use avatars of some heroes, actors, cartoon characters, and that’s ok. But do you know what adrenaline feels like when, for example, you have been chatting with someone for a long time, you have never seen him/her, and you have the same or similar views on the world, you exchange opinions, you joke, and once there is that person next to you? It’s a great experience for me.

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