Noah Wilde West Net Worth

Noah Wilde West is a notable celebrity child born to Nathan West and Chyler Leigh. His parents are well-known figures in the entertainment industry, with his mother being an actress, model, and singer, while his father is an actor, singer, and musician. In this celebrity article, we’ll delve into Noah’s background, his parents, siblings, and other aspects of his life.

Birth and Age:

Noah Wilde West was born in December 2003, making him 17 years old as of the current moment.


Noah has two younger sisters named Taelyn Leigh West and Anniston Kae West. He is the oldest among his siblings.

Parents’ Background:

Chyler Leigh, Noah’s mother, is a well-known American actress, model, and singer. She has played notable roles in various TV series and movies, such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Supergirl,” and “Not Another Teen Movie.” Nathan West, Noah’s father, is also an American actor, singer, and musician.

Parent’s Marriage:

Chyler Leigh and Nathan West met during an audition for the WB series “Saving Graces.” They have often portrayed on-screen couples in projects like “Safe Harbor” and “7th Heaven.” Nathan proposed to Chyler on the set of the movie “Not Another Teen Movie.” The couple got married on July 20, 2002, in Alaska.

Family Life:

Noah’s parents have a unique way of deciding on their children’s names. They had a deal where whoever correctly guessed the baby’s gender got to choose the name. As a result, Noah’s mother correctly guessed that she was having a boy, and she got to choose his name. His younger siblings’ names were also chosen through similar means.

The family is deeply connected to their Christian faith and credits their church and beliefs for giving them purpose in life.


Noah and his family split their time between Los Angeles, Nashville, and Vancouver due to their work commitments.

Net Worth:

While Noah’s net worth is not disclosed, his mother Chyler Leigh has an estimated net worth of $6 million, and his father Nathan West has a net worth of $2 million.

Education and Future:

Noah is still a student and has the potential to follow in his parents’ footsteps in the entertainment industry, given their influence and experience.

In summary, Noah Wilde West is a part of a talented and creative family. With his parents’ success in the entertainment world and his own growing presence, his journey is worth watching as he continues to carve his path in the future.

Noah Wilde West Net Worth
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