Mykhailo Farmiga Net Worth

Mykhailo Farmiga is the father of well-known actresses Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga. He used to work as a computer systems analyst before transitioning to a career as a landscaper. Here’s a summarized overview of his personal and professional life:

Personal Information:

  • Name: Mykhailo Farmiga
  • Birthplace: Ukraine
  • Date of Birth: January 10, 1942
  • Age: 80 years
  • Occupation: Former computer systems analyst turned landscaper
  • Wife: Lubomyra Spas “Luba”
  • Children: Vera, Taissa, Victor, Nadia, Stephan, Laryssa, and Alexander

Family Background: Mykhailo Farmiga is of Ukrainian descent and follows Christianity. Details about his parents and other family members are not available. He is married to Lubomyra Spas “Luba,” and the couple has seven children together.

Professional Life: Mykhailo Farmiga initially worked as a computer systems analyst before transitioning to a career as a landscaper. He gained recognition as the father of renowned actresses Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga.

Vera Farmiga:

  • Vera Farmiga is a famous American actress, producer, and director.
  • She began her acting career in 1996 on stage and is known for her role as paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren in “The Conjuring” movie series.
  • Vera has appeared in various films and TV shows, receiving critical acclaim for her performances.
  • She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Up in the Air” (2009).

Taissa Farmiga:

  • Taissa Farmiga is also a well-known actress, encouraged to pursue acting by her sister Vera Farmiga.
  • She made her acting debut in her sister’s directorial debut movie “Higher Ground” (2011).
  • Taissa gained popularity for her roles in the “American Horror Story” anthology series and other films.

Family Life:

  • Mykhailo Farmiga is married to Lubomyra Spas “Luba,” and they have seven children together: Victor, Vera, Alexander, Taissa, Nadia, Stephan, and Laryssa.
  • The family converted from Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to Pentecostalism.
  • The family moved from Irvington to Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, in 1985.
  • Laryssa Farmiga was born with spina bifida.

Net Worth:

  • The Farmiga family’s net worth is estimated to be around $2-3 million.

Mykhailo Farmiga and his family have achieved recognition and success in the entertainment industry through the accomplishments of his daughters Vera and Taissa Farmiga.

Mykhailo Farmiga Net Worth
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