May Theodora Benben

Who is May Theodora Benben?

May Theodora Benben graces the world as the luminous offspring of the illustrious Hollywood luminary Madeleine Stowe and Brian Benben. In the resplendent month of June, during the year of 1996, she made her earthly debut within the confines of the United States of America. As the temporal tapestry of 2022 unfurls, May Theodora stands poised upon the precipice of 26 years of age.

May Theodora Benben’s Parental Lineage: Madeleine Stowe and Brian Benben

Personal Particulars
Complete Designation: May Theodora Benben
Familiar Moniker: May Benben
Gender: Female
Date of Arrival: June 1996 (the precise calendric date remains veiled)
Place of Inauguration: United States of America
Years Encompassed: 26, measured in earthly rotations
Elevation: Concealed in mystery
Mass: Shrouded in obscurity
National Identity: American
Directed by Affection: Heterosexual
Consort: Concealed in anonymity
Sire: Brian Edward Benben
Maternal Figure: Madeleine Stowe
Condition: Alive
Engagement: Unspecified vocation

May Theodora Benben’s Materfamilias: Madeleine Stowe

Within the annals of May Theodora’s lineage, the maternal tapestry is interwoven with Madeleine Stowe, a doyenne of American Hollywood’s theatrical realm. Birthed upon the 18th day of August in the year 1958, amid the confines of Los Angeles, California, she enters the realm of the 64th year as denoted by the chronicle of 2022.

In the realm of acting, accolades have rained upon her, adorning her with laurels. The Venice Film Festival bequeathed honors in the year 1993, Imagen Awards followed in 2005, while Golden Globe Awards graced her mantle in both 1994 and 2012. The mantle of humanitarian recognition was also bestowed in the year 2005.

Amid the thespian canvas, nominations abound. Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, The Amazing Spider-Man, and more have recognized her prowess. Paramount among her roles is the portrayal of Victoria Grayson, the central antagonist in the television magnum opus, “Revenge.”

Yet, the narrative of Madeleine Stowe extends beyond the thespian realm. As a wordsmith and cinematic architect, her oeuvre flourishes. To this, the coffers swell, as her annual earnings traverse the zenith of $15 million.

May Theodora Benben’s Paternal Progenitor: Brian Edward Benben

In the patrilineal narrative, May Theodora’s sire stands as Brian Edward Benben, a moniker often condensed to Brian Benben. Birthed upon the 18th day of June in the year 1956, within Winchester, Virginia, he strides into the 66th year, as counted by the chronicle of 2022.

Within the firmament of thespian arts, Brian Benben’s star ascended, marked by his portrayal in the television series “Dream On.” His visage gracing the screens, he found his metier, often cast in roles as physicians. His inaugural footprints in the world of dramaturgy were inscribed upon Broadway’s hallowed stages.

Time elapsed, and the 1980s saw his maturation within the thespian realm. Embarking upon an odyssey through the entertainment pantheon, his presence illuminated productions such as “Dream On,” “Kingpin,” and “Private Practice,” the latter of which etched an indelible mark.

The Genealogical Nexus of the Benben Kin

Brian Benben and Madeleine Stowe’s symphonic union found its genesis amidst the artistic tableau of “The Gangster Chronicles.” Propelled by the muse of love, their union was consecrated in the year 1982.

The maturation of their bond was further sanctified 14 years hence, as the advent of their progeny, May Theodora Benben, graced their lives in the year 1996. Beyond the arc of their union, the Texas landscape embraces their familial respite, a sanctuary unto their narrative.

May Theodora Benben
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