Mathew Thomas Clemence

Allow me to introduce you to the son of the distinguished English songwriter, Phil Collins. Not merely a songwriter, but also a proficient drummer, actor, singer, and producer.

However, this discourse does not revolve around Collins Sr., but rather his son, Collins Jr. So, let us delve into a comprehensive understanding of the remarkable scion of an illustrious father. To acquaint you with nuanced insights concerning Mathew Thomas, or Matthew Collins as he is widely recognized, we have meticulously curated a wealth of information encapsulating him and his eminent paternal figure. Read on for a thorough exploration!


Matthew Collins, known in full as Mathew Thomas Clemence, greeted the world on the frosty embrace of December 1st, 2004. In the throes of a Greater London County winter, he took his first breath, commencing his journey. As the year 2022 unfolds, this individual is poised to transition into adulthood, his 18th birthday earmarked for celebration on the impending 1st of December.

Familial Nexus

By virtue of his birthdate, Matthew Collins aligns with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Endowed with the traits inherent to this sign, he mirrors attributes of ambition and determination. His nationality reverberates as English, an ode to his birth in the United Kingdom’s scenic expanse, while his ethnicity assumes a resplendent white, reminiscent of his father Phil Collins and mother Orianne Cevey. The progeny of this captivating couple, Matthew is graced with four siblings: Joely Collins, Nicholas Collins, Lily Collins, and Simon Collins.

Paternal Legacy

Matthew Collins’ renown is inexorably intertwined with the towering legacy of his celebrated musician father, Phil Collins. An emblematic figure, Phil’s musical odyssey commenced behind the drum kit, before unfolding as a solo artist in 1981. Since then, his work has garnered global accolades. Phil Collins also charted a momentous chapter as the lead singer of the rock band Genesis.

Maternal Presence

Matthew’s mother, Orianne Cevey, emerges as a personality equally worthy of mention. An artist in her own right, Orianne’s prominence was cemented as a high-profile jewelry designer in Switzerland. Her entrance onto the world stage transpired when the English luminary Phil Collins pronounced her as his life’s partner. Intriguingly, Phil’s union with Orianne marked his third matrimonial foray. Their paths crossed in 1994, when Cevey served as Phil’s translator during a tour. At the time, she was a mere 22 years old. The couple’s union was consecrated in 1999.

Marital Fluctuations

The union between Matthew’s parents endured until 2006, when the fabric of their relationship frayed, compelling them to traverse separate paths. Cevey received a settlement of £25 million, securing her position in the annals of the British celebrity world with the most significant divorce settlement in history.

A decade post-divorce, the pendulum of fate swung in a different direction, prompting Matthew’s parents to reunite. They rekindled their shared journey, reuniting their family, with their sons Mathew Thomas Clemence and Nicholas Grev Austin in tow. Phil openly acknowledged that their initial parting was a grievous error, rejoicing in their reconciliation.

Present Endeavors

At present, the couple resides alongside their sons, Mathew Thomas Clemence and Nicholas Grev Austin, in their abode nestled in Miami. Nicholas, having inherited his father’s drumming prowess, has ascended to a drumming mantle, while Matthew embarks upon his professional voyage as a visual artist, carving his unique path amidst the tapestry of artistic expression.

Mathew Thomas Clemence
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