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Martha S Jagger is an extraordinary progenitor whom all would deem themselves blessed to possess. The remarkable Tom Selleck had the privilege of being raised by Martha, who could also be referred to as the progenitor and lead actress in Magnum, P.I. In Blue Bloods, the protagonist is the son of the illustrious Selleck, who himself is a Hollywood luminary with a distinguished career in acting and film production.

Apart from being the mother of the beloved actor, Martha S Jagger was formerly a distinguished member of the California Army National Guard. Martha S performed commendable work as a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association and as the co-creator of the Character Counts Organization. Read further to explore the life of Tom Selleck’s remarkable mother.

Martha S Jagger’s Life

Martha S Jagger was born on the 13th of January, 1921 in Barnesboro. She was the wife of Bob Selleck, a well-known real estate investor. Unfortunately, Martha’s husband passed away on the 21st of March, 2001.

She also had three sons and a daughter, namely Tom, Daniel, Robert, and Martha Selleck. Additionally, Martha had a twin sister named Margaret Ann. Both siblings were born in Barnesboro and raised in Detroit.

The illustrious actress rose to fame when she became the president of the Motion Picture Mothers, a position she held for almost two decades.

Martha was married to Robert D. Selleck until his passing. Their nuptials took place in March 2001, and their marriage lasted for nearly sixty years. Regrettably, Martha spent the last seventeen years of her life as a widow.

Robert and Martha were blessed with four lovely children before his passing. Their eldest, Tom Selleck, is a highly successful Hollywood actor. Their other children include Martha and Daniel, respectively, who were both outstanding parents.

Initially, Robert worked as a carpenter, but over time, he became the vice president and director of the corporate communications department of Coldwell Banker Commercial Group.

Is Martha S Jagger Alive or Deceased?

Martha Jagger, born Martha Jean Jaggerher in 1921, lived an exemplary life. The gracious mother of Tom Selleck experienced more than most individuals. Unfortunately, she passed away at the age of 96, breathing her last on the 19th of February, 2017.

What was Martha Selleck’s Net Worth?

Martha led a fulfilling and distinguished life that most of us can only dream of. As previously mentioned, Martha had a successful career during her lifetime. Martha Selleck headed and co-founded numerous organizations, generating significant wealth. Therefore, her primary sources of income were the institutions where she served as an executive member and her acting career. Online sources estimate that Martha S Jagger’s net worth totaled five million dollars.

In Conclusion

Six decades of happy matrimony are something we can only aspire to achieve. Ninety-one years of a remarkable life deserve celebration, and so does Martha. Living a joyful life and being an exceptional mother only make it more meaningful. Martha S Jagger will be dearly missed.

Martha S. Jagger+Martha Selleck Biographical
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